Product Groups
B1 Bounce Houses ( 169 )
B2 Art Designs ( 144 )
B3 Combos ( 89 )
B4 Dry& Wet Slides ( 80 )
B5 Obstacle Courses ( 22 )
B6 Sport Games ( 46 )
B7 Sports Tunnels ( 14 )
H1 Home Use Inflatables ( 24 )
K1 Air Dancers ( 36 )
K2 Cold Air Balloons ( 66 )
K3 Product Replicas ( 29 )
K4 Inflatable Archways ( 56 )
K5 Inflatable Tents ( 47 )
K6 Costumes ( 16 )
K7 Helium Balloons ( 40 )
K8 Paintball Bunkers ( 71 )
K9 Holland Cartoons ( 32 )
D1 Zorb Balls ( 34 )
D2 Inflatable Pools ( 20 )
D3 Water Games ( 59 )
C1 Christmas Inflatables ( 48 )

BiKiDi Inflatables

Quality Control

Name:High Resolution Digital Printing Machine

Description: We have skilled workers responsible for artwork and printings. The quality of machine and printing ink both meet SGS standard, it can print quickly with good performance.

Name: Professional Sewing Machines
Description: We use the best sewing machines with best nylon threads, we double stitch the entire unit on inflatable games.

Name: Heat Sealing (High frequency) machine
Description: can ensure high airtight and soundness for our inflatable products (especially water balls, zorb balls, pools, boats, tents, bunkers, helium balloons, etc.)

Name: High Durability PVC Materials
Description: Our inflatables are made by high durability, lead free, water proof, fire retardant and UV protective 18OZ PVC materials, which has 3 layers, two layers of PVC coated sides with strong tarpaulin inside. The flame retardant meets BS7837. Our material is compliant with CE, EN71, ASTM and SGS standards.

Name: Reinforced Strips/Webbings At Joints
Description: We make sure our products have the best quality, therefore we use one and two inches wide webbings with quadruple stitches, which make the unit safer, pressure resistant, and guarantee that our units will have longer durability.


Name: Extra Nylon Webbing Reinforces
Description: Reinforce the position sustaining much force and pressure from jumping

Name: Double and Multiple Stitchings
Description: We do double stitching everywhere, with quadruple (4 times) stitching at bottom stress points, double stitching inside and double stitching outside to make sure the inflatables strong enough and durable. For sensitive parts, we do quadruple stitching to ensure durability.

Name: O Rings/ D Rings For Fixture
Description: Each product has strong D rings or circle rings to fix the inflatable. It makes inflatable products steady enough even in winds

Name: Safety Protection Nets (netting mesh)
Description: We use commercial grade netting (mesh), mainly small hole style which kids' finger can not get through. We make nets on top of slides and about 1m along the slide slope, to protect players standing on the slide platform. We also make net wall inside the slide to prevent kids falling out. And for obstacles, we can make nets where there's no inflatable walls, to make sure that kids will not fall down.


 Name: Zippers Openings
Description: We make strong zippers at bottom of inflatable games. Zippers can help you deflate the inflatable more quickly. Above the zipper, there is a velcro cover, which helps to disperse the zipper's stress.

Name: Safety Blower Pipe
Description: For the pipe connected with blower, we specially design a flap on the inside end of the pipe, it will flap up when blower on, and will flap down when power stops suddenly or the blower off, it can prevent the air outflow too quickly, and protect the people inside. We can make the flaps inside the zipper openings too.

Name: Emergency Exit
Description: Emergency exit for kids to escape from the top on every inflatables with enclosed roof in case of any material or blower accident. Made as per request.

Name: Tight Packing Bag
Description: We pack inflatable games by carpet at first, then put the package in tarpaulin bag so that the packages will not be frazzled during delivery process. In order to let you find your goods quickly, we will paste a mark paper with your order number. We also use other packings like Export Carton (Box), Pallet, Iron Box, etc.

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